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When compared to other messaging applications, the founder explained Snapchat’s messaging function which is more coversational rather than transactional. Spiegel also explains that he did not face conversational communications while using competitive products like as iMessage.

Rather than regular online notification, blue light “Here” button is seen within the user’s chat window if the recipient sees it currently in their own chat window. When this button is held down, a video chat feature is launched. By default the user might not be able to see the messages after they are read, and a notification is sent only after they start typing. Users can also use this feature to reply to snaps. A new feature is also added by AddLive, a video chat technology that was acquired before launching this feature.

In March 2016, Snap Inc acquired Bitstrips which enable users to design stickers featuring a cartoon avatar. In March 29, Snapchat upgraded its message feature called “Chat 2.0”, ability to leave video and audio notes, easy access to video and audio conferencing, adding stickers and the ability to share recent camera images. These features are meant to enable users to swiftly shift between audio, video and text chat as needed while keeping a similar functionality level.

Snapchat also launched Geostickers in August 2016, a new feature that allows users to send city oriented stickers in messages and snaps. As of now, more than 10 Geostickers are available in San Francisco. It is also expected to launch in New York, Washington D.C, Riyadth, Paris, Los Angeles, Sydney, Paris, London, Honolulu and San Paulo.

Snapchat is a very fast growing social platform where users are also allowed to grow their business with ease. But you need ample followers who can guide you to grow the business better. There are many features which you must know.