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Snapchat features have been used to offer monetization; the app’s first paid ad, in the form of twenty second movie trailed from the film called Ouija, was shown on October 19, 2014. Also, to acknowledge the Snapchat’s revenue system, the company said it wanted to calculate if they can offer an experience that is informative and fun, the way advertisements used to be before they got shocking and targeted.

The feature called “Discover” allows for paid ads which shows short - form content from publishers. The entity that the ad campaign sells causes the revenue distribution between the partner and Snapchat to vary, but it is said that ads are worth 10 to 15% per view. Also, ads are estimated to be seen more than 1,000,000 times per day.

Snapchat also announced in June 2015 that it will also allow ads to purchase sponsored Geofilters for snaps; McDonalds was an early customer who paid for branded geofilter coverings its outlet locations in the US.

Snapchat also started working with organizations in October 2015 to create sponsored lens filters. As a part of a campaign to promote the famous X - Men: Apocalypse, 20th century paid for the whole array of lenses to be replaced by such brands on characters from the series and films for per day.

Ads placed can be sold in a live story, or it can also be offered by the sponsor. Live stories are expected to reach an average of twenty million viewers in a day.

Snapchat also announced their deal with NBC Olympics to allow that the stories from the 2016 Summer Olympics to be featured in the US Snapchat. In July 2013, Snapchat announced that they was pursuing a technical patent, which can make it possible to find out specific objects appearing in snaps.