Snapchat Future applications

Snapchat Future applications

Snapchat will be upgrading its recording feature as some people might not wish to press and hold to record video. This is going to be the first video as people who need videos to see more of what is happening and mobile bandwidth increases.

Also, Snapchat is planning to create easy ways to keep users watching stories without choosing the next person. When it is done with viewing per story, you need to go and find another story to tap to view. Let the user just tap and open the next story automatically. If a story is not done yet, the user swipe right to left to go to the next person’s story.

The chance here is to see if this will improve substantially the core flow of how people see stories. This could really make an impact. An increase in preview of thumbnails on the stories list. There is not enough detail to plan which stories to see. Provide more thumbnails to guide some ideas of what the story is all about.

The next future feature of the app is to promote stories on the camera view. The compelling content is missed. The users are allowed to show friend profile images on the camera instead to attract to the Stories screen with just one touch to quickly check their story.

Increase video sharing and watching the length of the video. People talk into the end of videos, so content is missed and users just post another video. So the maximum length will extend to 20 seconds or even one minute. The story list also becomes a long list of users who have checked to find out what you need to watch.

These features are expected to be added by Snapchat as their future applications.